The Poets House in NYC reflects poetic talent from all over the world, with a diverse catalog of poets from many different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, faiths, and countries. One of the countries reflected in the library’s collection is my country, the Dominican Republic, which was surprising to me, as we are just a tiny Latin American island in the middle of the Caribbean, often overshadowed by the notoriety (but never the baseball skills) of our more popular siblings, Cuba and Puerto Rico. However, it was exciting to see the poetic voice of a woman I’ve always admired, Julia Álvarez, representing the island at the premier independent poetry library in the United States.

Julia Álvarez is a poet, novelist and essayist. One of the most iconic aspects of her work is her commitment to passing on our country’s past experiences and history in order to help keep that history alive and inspired future generations. This book is focused on her poetry found at Poets House, and it highlights the history behind her poems: Samán, Museo del Hombre and Exile, from her poetry collections “The Woman I Kept to Myself” and “The Other Side.” 

*This project was created for my Core Studio II class.
This is purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any photo credit.

TEXTURE: Gouache on bristol.
8 x 10 in | 56 pages.